F-15C Eagle - Aeroloft Designs
Phil Avonds
1/9 Scale
John Cabal

If you're looking for a jet that looks scale and flies better than your Sportster, the Philip Avonds F15C Eagle is for you. This is not a inexpensive kit mind you, in fact for a single engined aircraft it would seem quite the opposite. What this plane is though is a piece of cake! It could very well qualify for a first jet. Sure its big, over 85; inches long, but hey doesn't bigger fly better? During construction of my F15, it sure seemed unlikely that I would hit the projected weight of 14.5 lbs.. In-fact mine tipped the scales at exactly 17 lb. minus fuel! I did do some slight modifications by adding rotating retracts and fully sequencing gear doors but hey it was well worth it.
Like I said, the plane is very easy to fly, no bad habits at all. The Eagle is capable of very slow flight, I clocked mine at 19 mph, its top speed was clocked at 129 mph. Take off are easy, just build up air speed, pull back on the stick and maintain a descent climb out at say 5-10 degrees alpha, landing gear can go up any time if you are using the recommended gear setup. Aircraft can do almost any you want minus rudder maneuvers, unless you modify and build them in. Landing is simple just keep some power during final approach. This aircraft is one of the few jets that you can actually land on the mains and do Aero-Braking to bleed off any excess speed! Just like the big ones!

Here are some specifications of my F15C:

  • Length: 87 inches - Wingspan: 55 inches - Weight: 17 pounds, dry.

  • Power Plant: O.S. .91 ducted fan engine with JMP long pipe with home made splitter.
    (Note: Aeroloft also sells a great twin exhaust pipe)

  • Fan System: Ramtec Tractor Fan with Pitot pressure Fuel: Sig 5% with 2 oz. Klotz oil added, after run is Midas Touch

  • Retract System: Robart 90 degree rotating retracts 12lb model, modified, Rhom nose gear Scale Gear Doors operated by a total of 2 long and 3 short BVM Air Cylinders. Cycled by Jomar Products electronic cycler. This thing is great!

  • Avionics: Futaba 7 Channel PCM

  • Finish: Testors Model Master Enamels, two tone ghost grey, decals were hand made in the Hawaii Air National Guard livery.

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If you want to contact John or Duke (The local jet nuts) you can email Duke or John (dukec3@hawaii.rr.com)