Tomcat Maintenance Update: Status - 33 flights, major overhaul, replacing and consolidating air hoses and installing air blocks or junction boxes to help un-clutter the mess near the sweep unit. Air hoses being used now are from Clippard Instrument Laboratories Inc.. Also removing the 1channel 2 servo throttle setup and installing the twin throttle setup via the radio system. This would allow better adjustments of the engines as far as throttle setups are concerned but it would also remove my ability to re-adjust the Gyro in flight, not that I had adjusted it after setup. Will post more info when finished.
Airframe Modifications : Engine area, landing blocks and center spine glassed together with 4oz fiberglass/carbon weave to tie in the blocks with the main center spine and provide better support. I found that the fuselage was flexing under heavy stress, and cracks had turned up on the airframe. I do land this bird fairly well so its not so much the landings itself alone that is causing this but it is a very stressful area. Before completing your model, you  should reinforce this area, I would highly recommend it. The glass can be obtained from Aerospace Composites or somewhere similar.
Rear Vertical Fin/Fuselage Modification: Rear Bulkhead and Vertical Fin assembly. I had the unfortunate pleasure of experiencing a problem with the vertical fin and rudder system. One of the hinges had popped loose and started to flutter the entire right vertical fin on a high speed fly by. I managed to land the aircraft without any further damage. The whole fin was violently swaying back and forth on the fuselage, so I had presumed that it was completely dislocated. I found out however that the fin was completely attached to the fuselage still. The fuselage where it had attached to the rear bulkhead had come loose and the fuselage was warping back and forth during the flutter in flight. Small cracks in the joint ( fin and fuse) were repaired with epoxy and a syringe. I had placed 1/4 wooden dowels pegs to help anchor the fin when I constructed it originally and they were still in place and holding well. I would suggest doing the same for your bird as well, if they weren't there, the plane would have been history. I reattached the rear bulkhead to the fuselage with an epoxy fillet and then laid 2oz glass strips across that to secure it all in. I also drilled and pegged the vertical fin spar to the bulkhead as well, it was just epoxied before hand. Ahead of the rear bulkhead, I crisscrossed 4oz glass/carbon cloth strips about 1 inch wide and about 5-6 inches long, from the side to the center of the fuselage. it is now a lot stiffer than it was. The whole area back there is not very deep, in fact is very shallow, no more than half an inch or so. So you have to reinforce with out adding weight and bulk.
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